FFM 2022 24: Determination

No prompts used. This is set in the Of Magic, Dragons and Love world.

There were less and less griffins and pegasi flying around each year. Jaden said that apparently they were endangered in the wild due to poaching.

Miakil tried to learn necromancy. It yielded distasteful results — and finding suitable bodies was a migraine-inducingly massive hassle in any case. Jaden suggested breeding; he knew how to do that, after all.

Miakil started to learn arts that would allow him to protect the creatures they were trying to save.

One summer, Miakil did not see any griffins. Fearing the worst, he investigated.

The poacher who had killed the last living griffin in the area did not live to boast about his “success” for long.

Security would not be the only problem. They needed resources — money, food, tools, enough space for a massive project like that. Fortunately, Miakil had an idea on how to get started with that.

The bounty for catching the poachers was barely enough to get them started at Miakil’s family’s farm, but neither Miakil nor Jaden was going to give up. They had to start somewhere sooner rather than later. The longer they waited, the worse things would get.

If Miakil’s parents disapproved the path their son took to get the funds for the project, they never said it aloud although they never visibly supported it beyond allowing the breeding to take place on their land. Miakil was deeply grateful for that.

Two summers later, the pegasi disappeared. This time, however, Miakil had no one to kill; a disease had taken out the three remaining ones. He added it on the list of things they needed to be able to counter. Medicine was expensive, but losing all of their hard work would cost even more.

The first hideout — necessary once crime became a more commonplace way for them to obtain what they needed — was crummy and small, but it was enough. It was far more secure than the farm and that was the most important thing.

Sometimes, Jaden and Miakil both wondered if what they were doing would ever bear proper fruit. Still, this was the path they had chosen and they had gotten too far to give up now.

Miakil kept hope in his heart. They were going to succeed, no matter what it took.

One day, pegasi and griffins would soar by his family’s farm again just like when he was young.


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