FFM 2022 25: Scarlet

No prompts used. This is a follow-up of sorts to FFM 2022 24: Determination.

“I am Scarlet and I know what you are doing.”
Miakil leaned back on his chair, faking that he was not disturbed that this young lady had bypassed his magic defenses. “Since you are here alone rather than with authorities, I assume you want something from us.”
“I want to join you.”
“I see.” Miakil kept his posture the same, hoping that the aloof expression remained on his face unchanged. “What can you offer us in return of having you?”
“A far better security system. Yours is lackluster to say the least, and easy to bypass if you know what you are doing.”
“Oh?” This did sound too good to be true, but it was probably a good idea to see what Scarlet could do. “Well then, how about you demonstrate your skills?”

Miakil had no idea how he had garnered the favor of a half-demon, but Scarlet had proved useful from the get-go. What surprised him the most, however, was the undying loyalty that she showed him. It did raise some concerns of having unknowingly made a pact with her, but if there were drawbacks, Miakil did not notice them yet. He figured that if some would appear, they would be the cost of keeping the breeding project safe.

He could only hope that someday he would learn more about Scarlet and her past.


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