FFM 2022 23: Seeker of Friends

Challenge: Collaborate with another FFMer (or multiple) and pick a story you have written during the month. Then, together with your partner(s), write a collective sequel that connects the group’s chosen stories. Optionally, you can write in your partner’s character’s point of view.

I collaborated with SubjugatedSandwich. My story of choice is FFM 2022 2: Deadly Glasses while SubjugatedSandwich’s story is Haru’s Spicy Noodles. Their counterpart for this story is Noodle-found Friends.

Haru looked up from his work when he spotted a new customer sitting down at his cart. “What can I serve you?”
The customer cringed. “Um, #4 special, please.”
Just as he had expected from the look. “You brought your own spices?”
The customer put a piece of paper on the counter. “So, um, how does this work exactly?”
With practiced ease, Haru picked up a bowl and scooped his paste to the bottom. “I make you noodles.” He tore the paper and whipped the pieces into the paste, then poured water into the bowl, stirred and put the noodles in. “Once the noodles are ready, I divine how you can get what you want. Then, you can eat your noodles and pay for them.”
“Okay…” The customer fell silent as Haru examined the noodles.
How curious. So that is how it will go. Finished with his work, Haru gave the bowl to the customer. “In two days, you will be invited to a rave. You go to the rave.”
The customer blinked a few times. “How can I find friends who understand me at a rave?”
Haru shrugged. “The noodles don’t lie. And I don’t lie when I say that they taste good.”
The customer hesitated before picking up the chopsticks and digging in, muttering under his breath, “There’s got to be a catch…”
Haru ignored the comment in favor of preparing things for the next customer. This customer would find out the price for their wish soon enough.


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