[Sept21] Tribble Month 23: A Would-Be Contract

Theme: Massive Internal Dialogue.

Optional prompt: Let me just start by saying, I am a fraud. by SpearHawk.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 22: Moving Forward.

Kuro, Shiro and I watched as Myrial tore our would-be contractor a new one.

“Well? What is your explanation for this garbage?!” Myrial yelled.

The would-be contractor shriveled and started, “Let me just start by saying, I am a fraud.”

“Tell us what we don’t already know,” Myrial scoffed.

When the yammering started, I zoned out. My parrots would let me know if there was something important to be known.

How’s Ingolf doing?

Why do you even care? He tried to kill your crewmate, and definitely seemed unhinged when it all came undone.

He was nice to me, Shiro and Kuro, y’know.

Well, you weren’t his target, were you?

No, I guess not. Still, Myrial put him through quite the wringer.

As was written in the contract which he knowingly broke.

Yeah… Still, I-

Shiro cawed. I shook myself out of the zone I had ended up into and started paying attention. The would-be contractor was lying on the deck — dead or unconscious, I didn’t know which — and Myrial was giving out orders.

Kuro spoke up, “Ah shit.”

Shiro continued, “Here we go again.”

I affirmed, “Ah shit, here we go again indeed.”

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