Phoenix is out!

G. Deyke

A good deal later than usual, but still in good time for the holidays, this year’s FFM collection is finally finished!

phoenix cover Shiny!

Phoenix might be the best of these yet, though it’s hard to say. It’s hard to even put it in the same category as the others: most of the stories in Phoenix are interconnected, making it more like a mosaic novelette interspersed with unrelated shenanigans than a collection of individual stories. But that overarching story is one I’m pretty well proud of, for more reasons than one. I think it’s worth reading!

Also, it’s got a lot of space faeries in.

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Aphantasia – “You have an extremely unusual way of solving problems!”

Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains

An image made without images. This is an old sketch from school days that I happened to have scanned. You can see the layers of lines built up as I felt around for the shape I wanted and then started to nail down the ones that landed where I wanted them.

When I was in fourth-year architecture, I took an elective course in multidimensional geometry. (Yes, I did this on purpose. It was a great course.)

In the opening lecture, the professor stood at the front of the class and asked us whether anyone could imagine an equilateral triangle with three right angles in it. Nobody could – it breaks all the rules about what triangles are. He then threw a transparency on the overhead (this was 1995 – ask your parents if you have no idea what an overhead was) that contained an image of the earth – a line was drawn along one…

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My published poem: translated!

I decided that, as one of my final deeds at art this year, I will finally translate the poem that got published this spring. Luckily, it was not very long, so I could do it in one sitting. Both the original Finnish version and the translated English version are now on my DeviantArt page. I’ve also updated the page of the poetry collection here on WordPress to link to them.

Go check them out!

The Finnish version, Rakkauden kuoro:

The English version, The Choir of Love:

The arrival of Ten Little Astronaus

Alrighty, my copy of Damon Wakes’s Ten Little Astronauts has arrived at my place in Finland and it looks fantastic! 😀 I can’t wait to start reading it during my Christmas holiday!

AND HERE IT IS!!! That record is so cool and I have no words for telling how much I love that cover art! 8D #TenLittleAstronauts @unbounders @DamonWakes— WindySilver (@windy_silver) 20. joulukuuta 2018

Ten Little Astronauts Out Today!

Damon L. Wakes

Ten Little Astronauts has now been published and is available for sale – no pledging, no pre-ordering – anywhere you might reasonably expect to buy books! Readers who supported Unbound’s crowdfunding campaign started getting their copies yesterday.

If you’ve got one yourself, please do share a photo – I’m putting together a Twitter moment featuring as many as I can find:

The book is available in a whole bunch of places I’ll be adding to its page on this site as I discover them, but for now your main options are:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes & Noble


Alternatively you should be able to quite simply walk into a bookshop and ask for it. I’m not sure how many places will stock it right off the bat like this, but any of them should…

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I’ve gotten published!

Some time ago, LitConquistadores offered FFM writers a chance to get published. I submitted some of my stories and…
Two of them were chosen for the anthology, which is now published!
This anthology is called The Ruminations of a Multiheaded Monster.
Check out all the buying options here:
Oh? Which are my stories that you can find in the anthology?
This also marks the first use of my full writer name which you will also see on the supporter list of DamonWakes’s upcoming book Ten Little Astronauts! Check that out too, it’s coming very soon!
I’m way too excited about this but also nervous since I’m not exactly prepared to use my writer name! D8 Well, I’m in a big city now, so it’s very difficult for anyone who doesn’t know me and what I’m doing to connect it to my face. But still, OMFG I’M GOING TO EXPLODE I’M WAY TOO EXCITED AND NERVOUS WHAT HAVE I DONE!!
More about my writer name and my other published thing, a poem I got into a Finnish poetry collection, coming up at some point!

Help an Author Out?

Damon L. Wakes

Things are really moving along with Ten Little Astronauts, and the book is expected to release on December 13th: less than a month from now!

There’s more information about this over on Unbound, but since the people reading here are probably familiar with my work beyond this one book, I’d like to focus on something else entirely and ask if you could do me a massive, massive favour.

I don’t normally go chasing people for reviews, which is probably part of the reason my books don’t have many. However, with Ten Little Astronauts set to go off to the printers any day now, it’s likely that a fair number of new readers will come across my older work and I’d like for it to make a good impression when they do.

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Announcing Code Lyoko: Foes & Friends Remastered duology!

If you’ve been following my Code Lyoko fanfic stuff and talks on DeviantArt, you might have noticed me writing something for a new duology, other than the discontinued Swordswoman of Shadows: Foes & Friends Remastered. Now, I am pleased to announce that the prologue of the Remastered version of the first installment of my oldest duology (which dates to 2012) has now been translated into English and published on DeviantArt.

The first story of FFR is New War Remastered. Its prologue presents you Alex Starsky, the protagonist. He’s in big trouble, caught up in a war into which the Lyoko Warriors are about to get tangled into as Alex enrolls at Kadic to seek their aid. Hence, the name of the first story is New War Remastered, NWR for short. For the Lyoko Warriors, this will be a new war, for X.A.N.A. is gone, and they are about to face a new enemy just as vicious as X.A.N.A., only in human skin…

That’s it for now. I hope you’ll end up reading the story and that you like it.

And in case you haven’t read the oneshots I’ve written for FFR here but plan reading this duology, please do not read the oneshots before NWR is finished. The oneshots can be kinda spoilery.

Oh, and warning; It’s rated T because stuff gets real nasty later on… The original New War (which will never be translated from Finnish to English because even after fixing it’s bad – and it’s far inferior to Remastered anyway) is rated K+, and so was Remastered until I found myself writing some messed up stuff and had to raise the rating.

And bonus: while the Finnish versions of both FFR and Lyokostar censores vulgarities, I’m going to give you English audiences less censored versions… at least at those points when my imagination is enough to sustain the cursing of certain foul-mouthed douchebags who’ll appear in Lyokostar eventually… ‘>.>

Anyhow, that’s all. Still a lot of stuff to be done today, so I have to hurry. Have a great day!


PS. I know, the stuff about poetry book has been on hold for long. I finally got my books during June, but I haven’t found time to write about it, let alone publish and translate my poem. My writer name wasn’t included there, so I will hold onto it until I start self-publishing my FFM collections. In fact, my last name was misspelled in that book, true story! 8[

I do hope to actually write about it here at some point since at least so far there aren’t any online sources telling about it. I happened to find it on a local bookseller recently, but their online shop doesn’t have it, only a more local store does, and they don’t even tell pretty much anything about the book… It might be that anyone outside Finland will be unable to get it, but I’ll most likely publish a poetry collection of my own someday and include the poem in that book as well.

Perhaps in August I manage to get it done once FFM is over…

Announcing Greenfield and a poetry book I’m in!

If you’ve followed what I’ve been working on, you have noticed that the page for my Greenfield book series has been updating daily with the translation proceeding.


Now, I am glad to announce the completion of current translation and thus the series itself!


So, what is this book series I’ve worked on a lot and talked quite little about?


Greenfield is about a teenaged girl named Iris Mäkelä who ends up to another world, Greenfield, with her horse Miracle Truth soon after running away from home. In Greenfield, she has to learn to live in a world without technology and learn the ways of a magician with her tutor Matthew and fellow student Thomas so that she can find a way to return to her own world. But as the evil forces of the Night Lord return with their master getting stronger, can she even survive the upcoming months, let alone get back home someday?


The first book is heavily in progress and a lot of new has to be written and a lot of old (some of it originating from as far away in the past as 2012 and thus in dire need of reworking) has to be edited before it is ready for editing phase and later possibly beta readers too. I haven’t yet thought of much when they will come or if they will come for sure; it depends on whether or not I get a professional editor for it, at least. A lot of worldbuilding has to be done as well, so that will take up time while making the first book happen too.


So far, I’ve been thinking I might be able to finish the writing phase during 2019 or 2020, depending on how much time everything in life from university studies to bad old writer’s block takes away from writing. I have no solid word goal set at least yet, but I will work on this daily just as I have done so far and therefore will update word and page counts daily. I might dedicate some days for worldbuilding alone instead of writing, so that also discourages setting a daily goal for writing. After I proceed to the next four books and maybe later the 4 side story books I’m planning, I might set a daily word goal when I have everything on the world readily available.


At the moment, that’s all I have on Greenfield. I will most likely do some artwork on the characters in the future (so far there might be a sketch or two about it on DeviantArt), maybe release some Work In Progress (WIP) bits of the story or maybe end up writing Greenfield oneshots during Flash Fiction Month, but at the moment this is all.


On other news, last Monday I received a letter from the organizer of a Finnish poetry competition I took part in last November. It was for young people aged between 13 and 18 and who live in Finland. The theme, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the independent Finland, was “love is blue and white” (the colors of the Finnish flag). The best of the poems were to be published in a poetry book named 100 runoa tunteella ja rakkaudella (in English: 100 poems with emotion and love). And just as baffling as it is, my poem, Rakkauden kuoro (The choir of love) was chosen for that book!


The book will be released on the 23rd and it will be the first publication I’m in. I’m not entirely sure which name I used with the poem; it has either been the author name I’m planning to use when I release my very own books or my full name with my nickname. I don’t remember anymore since it’s been already half a year since I mailed my poem. I will tell you more when I get the book myself and see it in print; I already ordered a few of those books for myself, some people who are close to me and for my mother language teacher whom I need to thank for informing everyone in my school about the competition. If it wasn’t for her, this wouldn’t have happened to me.


I must admit that while this is exciting, I’m also quite nervous as this will be the first time I will publicly connect WindySilver to my real name and to my very own face which I show around those I see often, especially my family. I never expected to win the competition nor get into the book, yet the latter happened. But I believe in the art I do, in the mask I will use for just a while one more time, in what I’m doing with my life. When the time comes to publicly announce that I am WindySilver, no matter the time or audience, I will do it with my head up and pride in what I do. I will not back down just because I’m scared. The fear won’t conquer me.


I don’t have a picture of the book yet and the only one who sells the book at least now is the competition’s organizer, Suomalaisen tangon Satumaa ry, so I don’t know how anyone outside Finland can get it. Maybe more information and ordering chances will come after the publication. We’ll see next week.


Oh, and I haven’t yet uploaded my poem anywhere. I decided not to upload it before I’d get the results, then stuff happened and I heard nothing about the competition and forgot about it. I’m planning to upload the poem on DeviantArt once I know where to direct people who want to get the book.


This is what has been going on this week in addition to other things in my life. I will get my results for March’s matriculation examination tests on Friday but I doubt I will make an announcement about how I did at least here. Maybe on DeviantArt, but possibly not here.


Thank you for reading. Have a great day!