[Sept21] Tribble Month 22: Moving Forward

Challenge: Two animals (other than humans and aliens) must be involved in the story.

This story is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 21: Blame.

Today and yesterday’s stories were delayed because I got the challenge late. However, I’ll be posting both yesterday’s and today’s stories shortly.

My parrots and I — and, frankly, the rest of the crew too — watched as Myrial and the twins returned without Ingolf.

“How’d it go?” Tymon asked.

“Ingolf isn’t getting out of jail anytime soon,” Myrial told, grinning. “Too bad. I was planning for more things, but guess you can’t do everything.”

I shuddered at the thought of what more our captain might have planned in addition to putting the man through.

Both Shiro and Kuro cawed complaints about my movement.

“Sorry, you two.” I reached out to pet both of the parrots — easy since they were both, for once, perched on my shoulders. I turned to Myrial. “Where will we head next?”

Myrial turned to me. “Good question, Kanan. I’m not entirely sure yet, but we might go for a delivery next. I’m still negotiating with someone in the harbor about it.”

A delivery sounded good to me, so I nodded.

Kuro and Shiro made some voices of agreement as well.

Things were probably getting better from here.

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