[Sept21] Tribble Month 21: Blame

Theme: Multi-genre Mania.

Optional prompt: “She twisted her arm into its socket until the magnets aligned.” by SarcasticCupcake5.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 20: Intense Emotions.

I roared as someone — two someones — tore me away from the fucker, who was now lying on the deck looking like he had not seen me coming. Maybe the fucker hadn’t; he had so little concern for other people, that asshat.

“That’s enough,” Myrial said. “Ingolf, you’ve gone far enough.”

Struggling against the two brutes holding me — the Hifumi twins — I shrieked, “And you’re just as bad as him! You don’t even know Lyra! She started disassembling herself! Can you imagine how that looked?!” I took a few ragged breath. “I had to coax her into reassembling herself after it. Do you even know what Wolfden cybernetics are like?” I shuddered. “The clicks… when she twisted her arm into its socket until the magnets aligned and got them into their place… it sounded more like breaking her arm off than putting it back… And she kept doing that.”

“If all Tymon did was break up with her, you have no right to assault him.” Myrial’s voice was so level, so calm, so much in control that it made me angrier.

“You don’t know anything, do you?!” I yelled. “Where even is your old crew, huh, Heiyadl?! Where are they now, death’s grip?! Where did you put them out of their misery?!”

Myrial stayed quiet for a while before speaking up, “I see you can’t be reasoned with. I’m turning you in, both for attempting to kill Tymon and for assaulting him now. Speak once more about my past fellows and I will add disgracing their memory to the list of charges.” With a nod to the twins, Myrial turned. “Let’s get taking the trash out over with.”

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