[Sept21] Tribble Month 24: Memories of the Lost

Theme: The Best Laid Plans.

Optional prompt: The other survivors turned to her for leadership, not recognizing her grief. by CassidyPeterson.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 23: A Would-Be Contract.

I walked to Myrial’s quarters to report that the ship was functioning and ready to depart. However, when I got there, I noticed my captain looking at old photos I had seen only once before: photos of the old crew, Heyiadl just like Myrial.

I don’t know what happened to that crew for things to go so bad; Myrial has never talked about it. I’m not even certain if anyone even recognized the grief losing the crew like that brought. I know that there were survivors who turned to Myrial for leadership, but where they went or if they even survived all the way to the end, I’m not sure.

I cleared my throat.

Myrial jumped and, upon seeing me, slammed the album shut. “Kanan. Anything to report?”

“All systems clear. We’re ready to depart,” I reported.

Myrial smiled as if unburdened by the memories brought up by lost fellows. “Excellent. I now know where we’re going next.”

Oh. So that’s why Kuro was grumbling outside earlier. She probably had a feeling that this was not the best-laid plan Myrial had come up with.

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