[Sept21] Tribble Month 16: Arrival

Theme: The Grand Event.

Optional prompt: “Can you believe that’s what they’re wearing? It’s fabulous!” by SarcasticCupcake5.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 15: Lies.

Well, trying to weasel myself out of (unsuccessfully) killing Tymon didn’t go as planned. I was thrown in a cell until we’d reach the next destination.

When I heard the kind of noise only a mass of celebrating people could make, I groaned. Of course Myrial had decided to take the whole crew to see the Heyiadl‘s grand festival.

“Can you believe what they’re wearing? It’s fabulous!” I could hear Bolotseseg shout somewhere nearby.

I had no idea what was going to happen — perhaps I’d be “volunteered” for a deadly dangerous show as punishment — but when Myrial came to release me for disembarking, I knew that it would not be anything good. That smirk told me more than I needed to know…

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