[Sept21] Tribble Month 17: Punishment Registration

Theme: Mythical Creatures.

Optional prompt: I didn’t realize befriending garden gnomes is socially frowned upon by bookcrusher.

This a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 16: Arrival.

“Seriously? You’re gonna have a gnome take part in the show?” the handler of a particularly angry-looking griffin said, eying me.

Myrial snorted. “I didn’t realize befriending garden gnomes is socially frowned upon nowadays. But no, he’s not a gnome. Just an idiot.”

“I’m not an idiot!” I snapped.

Myrial looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “Suuuure, and I’m considering registering you to ride with a pegasus instead of a griffin in the evening’s show.”

I sputtered. “You can’t do that! We have a contract, if I di-“

“A contract, which you already broke,” Myrial interrupted. “I’m not upheld by my side of it anymore, other than the fact that I have the right to decide your punishment. Whatever happens once you get on that griffin, you deserve it.”

It was probably for the best not to argue or Myrial might choose to have me ride a manticore or something similarly vicious. I looked at the unicorn and pegasus stables, hoping that this would not be the end of me.

After all, I didn’t (try to) kill Tymon for this.

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