[Sept21] Tribble Month 8: An Offending Photo

Challenge: The story must be at least 75% dialogue.

While this is a follow-up to [Sept21] Tribble Month 2021 7: Findings, there is a POV change and a time skip between the two stories. I’m currently planning to do POV cycles, one for each challenge, and potentially keep this TM’s stories as just one – hopefully contained – big story.

In case you’re wondering about how much dialogue this story has, I counted that 24 out of 152 is not dialogue, which makes the dialogue percentage 84.21%.

“You can’t keep that photo!”
“Yes, I can, Ingolf. I outrank you, you filthy traitor! And you bet I will stick it somewhere where everyone can see it!”
“Myrial, please. That’s just petty.”
“Maybe you should’ve thought about that when Tymon ‘died’.”
“I had no idea he’d survive! He wasn’t supposed to survive!”
“Besides, you’re lucky you didn’t get a knife in the stomach for what you did after you returned his vest.”
Ingolf sighed. Of course he sighed. “Look… can we just move on? It’s bad enough as it is.”
“Nope.” I turned to leave the room. “You bet everyone on this ship is going to remember this forever. And now there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to remove Tymon, ever, because everyone will remember your face when he resurfaced from the ocean, alive and well.”
“Myrial, wait-“
I slammed the door behind me.
Ingolf ran into the door.

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