[Sept21] Tribble Month 2021 7: Findings

Theme: Into the Dragon’s Lair.

Optional prompt: Amid the sapphire, emerald, and glittering pearl eggs in the nest lay a smaller dull, grey egg. by SarcasticCupcake5.

This is a follow-up to [Sept21] Tribble Month 2021 6: Explanations, Finally.

The rotting, greyed world was a depressing sight Bluberia hadn’t prepared me for. Still, I trudged forward; the scanner told me that there was a concentration of Gemium ahead of me.

In a cave with an entrance littered with bones and growling coming from deep inside.

Still, I was an Everlive. I couldn’t die — hopefully — so I should be fine. If I was going to live forever, I’d better learn to handle pain better.

Into the proverbial dragon’s lair it was. I stepped past the bones into the unknown.

Inside the cave, I was met with sapphire, emerald, and glittering pearl eggs, and among them, a nest with a smaller dull, grey egg. The scanner pointed to the grey egg, indicating that it had a lot of Gemium in it.

Unfortunately, a dragon circled around me and blocked the egg from view.

“What do you want?” the dragon hissed.

“I, um, I…”

“Do you want my egg, too? Or just a plain death wish?”

“No! I’m-I’m looking for the reason for the nature’s state! I was told that it’s probably caused by Gemium. This scanner led me here.” I waved the scanner.

The dragon growled. “You’re one of them.”

“One of who? Um, I probably am not… I fell to the bottom of the ocean and was asked to see what’s going on since it’s probably eco-terrorists and-“

The dragon burst into laughter. “Fool! You are working for eco-terrorists! They’re using you to get their hands on my egg. Gemium doesn’t rot the environment, although oxidized Thes does.”

I had seen oxidized Thes in my scans. “Oh… Shit.”

“Leave and report that. Don’t trust whoever gave you that scanner. And, more importantly, go home.”

“Okay. Will do.”

I ran for the exit.

What the fuck had I gotten myself into?!

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