[Sept20] Tribble Month 15: Legends

The prompt: Music Idol (in the honor of FFM’s David Bowie Day)

Honestly, if the prompt wasn’t for the DBD, I wouldn’t have written this, and I almost did not. I decided to set today’s story into a world far in the future where everything things that are considered at least relatively new today are pretty much ancient and take solace in the idea that the legends of the music world will never die but instead carry on through the test of time.

Alright, I’ll end this little description now and go somewhere else to be sad about the fact that we’re all going to die someday.

They say that legends never die. That their bodies might leave this world but their stories, their work, the impact they made on the world remain forever.

When I was young, I did not believe that. However, eventually I found a legend whose work many of us, each confined to the sanctuaries under the surface, are now relying on to keep our heads straight just like those who listened to them before us and our time.

The anger of Given Up and Forgotten, the melancholy of Leave Out All The Rest and Iridescent and the power of Numb and The Catalyst, all by a band called Linkin Park from an era long-gone echo in the hallways of the Heavy Metal Sanctuary. Back before the invasion, our band tried long and hard to replicate their powerful instruments, the legendary scream of Chester Bennington and the speed and versatility of Mike Shinoda, but we could not match such legends, so we moved to covers, to doing our very best to do justice for the legends whose music spoke to us — and so many, many others throughout the time.

Now, as we broadcast our takes on these old songs for the humanity to hear, we can feel the power of the old legends. The bodies members of Linkin Park died long ago in different era but they still live on as the legends they are.

The legends are with us still and they will never die.

That is our message for us all.

Do not ever give up.

“When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.”

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