[Sept20] Tribble Month 14: Rice

Challenge: Exactly 150 words and incorporate the last food you ate.

Edicia had slowly become accustomed to the rice the group she now traveled with tended to eat. Most of the time, it was bland — spices and berries were expensive to buy from merchants and hard to come by in the wilderness — but it kept them alive and going, so she did not complain. It was better than running into random directions until she starved because she lacked the skills to forage any kind of food.

Now, she was running away, endangering a group of nobodies and eating their food. Had she not known that her survival was vital for her kingdom, she would have felt deeply guilty about it. However, because of the circumstances and the fact that the group both took her in knowing that she was an important runaway and acted as a camouflage of sorts, she felt only moderately guilty for involving them and eating their rice.

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