[Sept20] Tribble Month 16: Decoy

No prompt used.

The mechs scanned the area. It was only a matter of time before their cameras picked up my heat signature. I had to be ready — they had to follow me once I took off.

If they didn’t, everyone else would die too. I had to hope that Sasha would be able to get them to safety in time.

Almost there. Ready. I have to be quick when they spot me.

Then they stopped and turned too early. I risked a peek from my cover and felt all warmth drain from my body. I only barely processed my sight before the screams and blaring shots broke out.

My tribe… they… they were there… they… they were all dead… Why were they there? Sasha… Sasha was supposed to…

She… She was still standing, the only one standing among the bodies… But why? Why did they spare her?

In front of my eyes, I saw her peel away her skin and reveal a mechanic body.

A spy-mech.

“In response to the public uproar, the government has dismantled all spy-mechs”, my ass.

Whoever government idiot kept this one safe, fuck them. They just got my whole tribe killed.

The city was already overrun by the mechs. There was nowhere left to run.

It would’ve been sensible to just step out of my cover and get my death over with but… I couldn’t. I had to keep going.

I had to warn the other tribes that there were still spy-mechs out there.

I had to at least try to get out of here, no matter what it took. If I didn’t, humanity might die because of these spy-mechs infiltrating our ranks.

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