Prose-ject 2020 1: Nobody’s Perfect

The prompt used: “Well, nobody’s perfect.” -Some Like It Hot (quote)

“Well, nobody’s perfect.” I shrugged.
“Well, nobody told you to toss your expensive gear that we’re still paying into the beast’s mouth!” the team chief, Escargot — yes, he did kind of look like a snail — yelled in my face.
“But it worked, didn’t it? The beast died and we could get the money for it,” I reminded.
“Well, the payment sure as hell ain’t paying for your gear, not even without all the damn fees deducted and the division between all teammates,” Escargot growled. “Whatever Rick was able to salvage from the beast’s stomach only brought a few more bills — a mere drop in the ocean of the cost of a replacement.” He poked his least shortened finger at my chest. “You better start saving up, kid, ’cause I ain’t paying for a new one. Not this time.”

With those words, he stomped away, probably to drink his anger away. I caught sight of some chicks who were looking at me. I flashed my pretty boy smile and said, “He’s just overreacting. It wasn’t that expensive.”

The girls’ frowns got deeper, and after exchanging some looks they just turned their backs on me to resume their drinks. The pretty brunette that didn’t turn right away shook her head at me with an unmistakable look of disapproval and joined her fellows.

“Oh well.” I shrugged again. “Nobody’s perfect.”

I figured that my teammates probably didn’t want to see me while Escargot was still mad at me, so I opted to get a drink and settle near some other, less frowny chicks. Perhaps today would be my lucky day in bed instead of hunting grounds.

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