Posting flash fiction on WordPress (UPDATED)

Hi everyone!

Although I had planned not to participate in Prose-ject this June, I found resisting the temptation to join impossible, so I will be catching up now. However, due to the state of DeviantArt, I have chosen to post my Prose-ject 2020 stories here on WordPress as I have nowhere else to post them. If you want to get a notifications whenever I post a story, please follow me!

This year, I’m challenging myself to write stories set only in worlds where I have already written stories in previous year in order to expand them. I’m not entirely sure if I will have the same challenge with my FFM stories outside of FFM’s own challenges, but at least with Prose-ject I will.

I’m not sure where I will post my FFM stories yet, as my inquiry about the preferred course of action there is yet to receive a reply at the time of writing.

That’s all for now. Take care and stay safe!

EDIT: This year, I will post my FFM stories here on WordPress as well, so stay tuned for them too!

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