FFM 2022 4: This is the last one

No prompts used. This is set in the War Against Mechs world. This is continuation to FFM 2022 1: Is this the last one?

As explosions spread in the command center, I watched from afar, my sniper rifle at ready. Some of the team was still fighting the mechs. I provided whatever assistance I could from my position, although at this distance there was little I could do. Most of the time, I could only pray that my sister would survive.

When the explosions intensified, the mechs started to collapse in groups. This was their chance to retreat, so with cover fire from me, the team fled. As they ran, I watched from afar, my sniper rifle at ready. I would be a witness to what could be our ultimate victory.

The others reached my position and I nodded to my sister. Most had survived this battle, fortunately, but we would have to attempt to recover the bodies of those who did not later.

We all watched as the command center crumbled and burned into nothing but wreckage and the mechs collapsed, hopefully never to be reanimated again. If nothing else, this was another victory for humanity.

If we were fortunate, this was the last victory of this war, and it was ours.

Only time would tell, however. We returned home and waited for either more mechs to appear or for a messenger from another pocket of humans to come to us to tell that we did it.

The next months were silent, as was to be expected. We remained cautious; we could not let our guards down before we knew more of the effects of our successful mission. We still had to be ready to leave our settlement at once if we came under attack.

More months passed by in silence. Hopeful, we sent out a messenger to the closest known pocket. Perhaps that way we could find out if we had won.

Two weeks later, our messenger came back with a new spring in her step and eyes shining with a huge smile. In front of us all, she shouted the news.

We had won. The mechs were no more. Humanity could now be rebuilt and we were invited to the settlement that had become the hub of the rebuilding in our area.

We were already ready to leave, so leave we did, into a shining new future.

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