FFM 2022 1: Is this the last one?

No prompts used. This is set in the War Against Mechs world.

We stared at the command center. This, apparently, was the last known source of commands for the mechs. If we blew it up, we might be able to finally prevail over the mechs.

That is, if this was the last one. If it wasn’t, the mechs would replace it relatively soon, unless other war tribes were keeping them busy. If it wasn’t, our efforts would not have a lasting impact. If it wasn’t, many of us would get killed for a moment’s reprieve.

We still had to try. If it was the last one, our hesitation at the face of uncertainty would doom everyone else. If it was the last one, victory was within our grasp. If it was the last one, those who would die today would give their lives for a brighter future.

We looked at one another and nodded to everyone whose eyes we met. The risk had to be taken, for the sake of everyone who would survive regardless of whether or not we’d survive. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t ready to take that risk.

Weapons and explosives ready, we headed out. This fight could very well be our last and it would be the most difficult one we’ve ever had to fight. Despite of that, we had to fight it. We were ready for this.

We were ready — for whatever would become of this fight.

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