[Sept21] Tribble Month 14: Answers

Theme: Life’s Little Luxuries.

Optional prompt: He was so bad at gardening that even the plastic plants died. by me.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 13: A Time Traveler.

Tymon shuffled to me in the evening, looking like he wanted to talk about something.
“Well?” I asked. “Get on with it, Tymon.”
“They were right,” Tymon announced. “I can’t die from injuries, but my body doesn’t regenerate either, so I will die of old age at some point. The magician called it ‘pseudo-immortality’. If I get crushed badly enough, my body won’t be able to regenerate, at which point it’s for the best to destroy the whole thing and put me out of my misery.” He paused.
“Anything more?”
“If my body gets fully destroyed before death, my spirit will become a ghoul.”
A ghoul out of all the awful things in the world… “Shit. Does anyone else know?”
“Only you and Bolotseseg.”
“Good. Don’t let Ingolf know.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Very well. I’ll keep this info in mind with future tasks. Now, enjoy life’s little luxuries while you can.”
“Thanks, I will.”

Once Tymon was gone, I turned to the plants I had. The only thing that remained of Kholad.

Oh, Kholad… So bad at gardening that even the plastic plants died. How it was possible, I don’t know, but he was that bad until I taught him how to handle plants properly.

Man, I miss you so much every day…

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