FFM 2021 26: Smoldering Remains

No prompts used.

Veriwia looked at the smoldering remains. Even for the Dragon Warrior, it was hard to tell who or what exactly this person had been before they had been toasted. The only thing she could tell for certain was that this someone had angered a dragon — hopefully at the very least simply angered; if it was a rogue dragon what was just out there murdering people, the kingdom had a bigger problem than a sudden death by dragonfire.

Perhaps the mockingbird that was nearby could tell her more.

2 thoughts on “FFM 2021 26: Smoldering Remains

  1. A rogue dragon could indeed be a problem for the kingdom. Maybe kingdom could bribe it with valuables, or something else the dragon can hoard or if we don’t go for a very hardcore medieval theme it could also like trading cards. Could be cool, dragon having a very big collection of trading cards or figures.

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    1. Oh no, another TCG-card-hoarding dragon in my life (I think I’ve got enough of those in the humanoid form) would probably be too much XD Thanks for the idea though!


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