FFM 2021 25: No One Is Safe

No prompts used.

A blue tit flew up to me as I entered the what must have been a makeshift village. At least everything I could see in the area — poorly made buildings, gardens and a tiny field that looked like it was growing a grain of some sort — made the place look like a tiny village, a settlement made by people who thought they had gotten beyond the mechs’ reach.

The only problem was that it was dead quiet, and everything was strewn around like after a battle.

Soon, I could see why: there were bodies everywhere. I knelt next to one of them. It was still rather warm and the mech’s gun’s ammo was still glowing in the wound.

This place had been wiped out just moments ago.

I hid into an underground cellar and hoped for the best as I waited potential patrols out.

Poor people, whoever they were and whyever they thought that they could be safe in a village like this.

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