FFM 2021 21: Ways to Recruit a Dummy

To fully understand this drabble, please read FFM 2021 4: Follow Me and FFM 2021 5: A New Encounter if you haven’t already.

That’s the guy Talib has been trying to recruit. A full-blown dummy. He even went to the maintenance and of course talked with one of the only non-technies there. Koori, who was once again perched on my shoulder, cawed something to a flock of passerby birds . The birds chirped back in a nearly deafening cacophony, then turned to flock around the dummy Koori had just talked about. Let’s see if these green rosellas can help. Prepare for explaining stuff.

I did not like where this was going. Why me?! Can’t, I don’t know, a more experienced technie do that?


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