FFM 2021 5: A New Encounter

No prompts used. This is set two days after yesterday’s story, Follow Me.

This week, there is a sidequest on FFM: the dynamic between characters and how it can be applied to dialogue. I focused on it today since I had a dialogue-heavy story.

I hear that you’re a new technie.

I looked up from my dinner and saw an avian hologram perched in front of my tray. Technie?

‘Tis faster to say than technomancer.


Must be wild, hearing us all of a sudden.

I chuckled, trying to ignore the looks I got. I haven’t talked with many holograms yet. A lot of them seem to ignore me.

The hologram cawed. ‘Tis just that the news take some time to get around the ship. Y’know, the new technies need to be pointed out to everyone. Takes time to have everyone run into you, y’know.

I hummed. Makes sense… So, what are you? Yeshe and Elsie said that I should learn to identify holograms’ species whenever I can. Helps with relations, apparently.

The hologram cackled. I’m a night parrot. Koori’s the personal name. Don’t expect to learn to know everyone anytime soon; the hologram database is, y’know, made from all the records of Earth’s species, even the extinct ones. ‘Tis so huge the ship cycles the holograms that aren’t familiars or technie pets every so often.

I don’t know whether or not I should be relieved about that.

I’d say relieved. Everyone knows that there’s way too many species to know them all, so no one will be offended if a technie misidentifies us. Even the zoologists don’t know everything, although they try really hard not to miss a mark.

I sighed. Relieved it is, then.

“Hey, Zenona,” an actual voice called out next to me, attracting my attention. “You good?”

I gave the person — it appeared to be one of my coworkers, Niklos — a wry smile. “Yeah, just figured I’d have a staring match with this night parrot.”

Niklos’s eyebrows shot up. “Huh. Didn’t know you knew birds.”

I shrugged. “Happened to come across this species.”

Koori cawed and flew to my shoulder. More like it came across you!

I couldn’t help laughing aloud, but at least it looked like I was simply laughing because the hologram had landed on me.

Niklos chuckled. “Seems like it likes you. Too bad it’s not real.”

Koori puffed its chest. Mind you, I am very much real! You just dunno that ’cause you aren’t a technie!

I kept laughing. “I think you just offended it. You know, the hologram system probably makes them understand us more than we think.”

You bet that’s exactly right!

Niklos shook his head. “Doesn’t make them real.”

Well aren’t you a dense dummy! Koori shook its head and returned to the table. Come on, mate, leave ‘im be and talk with me! No use wasting energy on dummies!

I chuckled and gave Niklos one last look. “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I’ve got a hologram to keep me company.”

Niklos rolled his eyes but said nothing about the hologram. “Whatever keeps your ship in the air.” With those words, he left the table.

Koori waved its wing at Niklos’s back, as if it had wanted to show him a rude hand sign. So long, dummy!

I shook my head. He just doesn’t know. I’d have reacted the same way two days ago.

Then why didn’t you explain that you’re a technie?!

I shrugged. It was easier to just go with the flow.

Y’know what? Next time, do tell ‘im.

No promises.

Hmph! You gotta find dinner friends from the technie circles. Y’know, I could introduce you to a couple of technies on this level.

Maybe some other day. I like eating alone.

I think Koori would have rolled its eyes if it could have. Whatever. ‘Twas good talking with you, though. Until next time.

Koori took off and flew away, leaving me to finish my no-longer-lukewarm dinner.

I should probably ask Yeshe about the lack of knowledge about technomancers when I would run into her again.

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