Currently on art: Q2 stats, Hunting Inklings is out, FFM 2021 is coming!

Hunting Inklings cover art

Hi everyone!

It’s time for yet another Currently on art update! This time, I have multiple things to discuss: Q2 stats (wait, this year is already 50% done?), my (for now) last FFM collection, the next FFM and what’s coming next.

Let’s start with the collection. My FFM 2020 collection, titled Hunting Inklings, is, after speedrunning the process of making it in a few days, now out just in time for the next FFM. You can get it for free here:

And speaking of FFM, the next iteration is already less than 24 hour away! Just like last year, I will be posting my stories here each day. I will also be taking part in two game jams during July, so my next Currently on art post will discuss them in addition to FFM. I don’t have much planned for August yet, but I believe I will let the dust from FFM settle and focus on web programming. I might also do some planning for some non-FFM collections if I feel like it, but I won’t work on them in full before I’ve got the FFM 2021 collection finished and released. I’ll also have to prepare for beginning my master’s degree studies in September since I’m now very close to getting my bachelor’s degree, so there’s that for August as well. No rest for the wicked!

Next up, we have Q2 stats. It’s a mixed bag; some projects – Exceptional Jedi and The Fate’s Way – got better progress than in Q1, but others suffered even more from the workload from the courses. Hopefully once I have my bachelor’s courses done, I can focus on the other projects better as well.

Q2 2021 stats
Q2 2021

Comparison between Q1 and Q2 2021
Q1 2021 compared to Q2 2021

Now, let’s see how things are going with my projects, as per my project widget:

  • Exceptional Jedi: Chapter 7 of Aces is in progress. All writing is at 1830 days. Jedova’s reference has seen quite little progress, but I believe I’ll be able to work on some other view’s lineart soon. I need to make a comic about Valentine Clanker and lots of other drawings. I’ve been creating data on Scrivener to build a wiki of sorts there so that I can flesh things out for writing. It hasn’t been progressing at all recently, though – all the work that went into that was simply making the project (as well as other projects that are still in use) work with Scrivener 3 completely. Revising is still in a standtill.
  • The Fate’s Way: Chapter 45 is in writing. I still need to redraw the regular Alyssa and also Alyssa’s friends and family and the other important people, like Matti, someday. Revising needs to be done.
  • Off-DA projects: I’ve been working on my FFM collections and gotten their backlog dealt with. That’s all.
  • Greenfield: Due to studies taking too much energy, I haven’t edited this much. I’m currently working on editing chapter 3. Read more about the project here. Updating Scrivener to version 3 changed the wordcount system (1.9 counted words with a hyphen as multiple words, 3 doesn’t), although its impact to Greenfield was negligible.
  • Lyokostar: The translation of Lyokostar 1 hasn’t progressed: Part 10 of story 6 is still waiting for betareading. I’m planning to betaread (or should I say alpharead?) it today and send the betaread version to my betareader so that I can begin working on Megastar 6 tomorrow. The monthly Lyokostar 3 oneshots in Finnish are on a hiatus because nobody cares. References need to be done.
  • A Wandering Aura: I haven’t worked on this at all since the previous Current on art post.
  • Gaming: Habitica, Duolingo, Pokemon GO and Pokémon Masters EX keep on going. I’ve played through Subnautica Below Zero, Indecision, Evoland and Mission in Snowdriftland – Snowlogue. In addition to this, I’ve finished Wildfire,which I’m now playing on New Game+.
  • Other stuff: I’ve dealt with my FFM and Tribble Month reading backlogs, although I still have a few unrelated things to read. I’ve finished working on my backlog of FFM collections and will be taking a break from making collections. Reading is mostly still in a standstill on the book side, although I did read Introduction to Practical Demonology: A Weird Schoolbook by Boat of Bees, which I backed up on Kickstarter earlier this year. I haven’t worked on anything on Unity ever since Bad Feather Day, but I will most likely return to Unity in July during a game jam and make something with Ren’Py for another. I should get back to video editing.
  • Personal life: I’ve been busy with my last two online courses I need for my bachelor’s degree, and right now I’m very close to being done with the last one. COVID is still going on, as usual. I will be getting my first vaccine dose soon, which is a plus. I will take part in FFM during July, of course, and in a couple of game jams as well.

That’s all for this update. Thanks for reading, take care and remember to get vaccinated when you can!

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