Currently on art: Q1 2021 stats, The One With Delirium and Bananawriter out now, The Gauntlet results

The One With Delirium cover art

It's hard to believe that a quarter of this year has gone by, yet here we are, having April Fool's Day 2021. Time has been speeding recently, or maybe I just haven't surfaced from my drowning-in-coursework periods as often as before. In any case, I've got a lot to talk about, so this'll be a long post.

Currently on art: After FFM 2020, Behind Armada on hiatus

FFM 2020 is behind us already. Even though my decision to post only on WordPress cut the number of comments I received drastically, I still had a good time and got some fantastic learning experiences, as I focused on writing the best stories I could. In the end, the results weren't as great as I'd hoped, but I overall created stories I am proud of and which I'll be happy to publish in a collection. I definitely did better than last year both wordcount- and quality-wise!

Currently on art: Q2 2020 stats, Prose-ject 2020 and the end of Suntuubi

This is the first Currently on art update that I've written on WordPress. If you have been following me on DeviantArt, you know that I'm migrating away from there due to its new UI, Eclipse, due to reasons including poorly handled literature and heavy eye strain (I think I will never figure out how exactly they managed to pull that off when I have literally never had eye strain at my computer).