[Sept20] Tribble Month 3: The Beginning of an Apprenticeship

No prompts used.

“I knew Lizbeth was up to something with that necklace, but I had no idea that you were already so advanced with it. Did she teach you in person before her death?”
I shifted, trying to figure out where my hands should be. When grandma’s friend had offered to teach me magic, I’d had had no idea that he was the overseer of magic. “No, overseer. I only learned from her notes.”
“Only her notes? Did you practice before that stunt you told me about?”
“Only with mice and a roadkill bird, overseer.”
“Please, call me Salim. Your grandmother was right when she told me that you could make an excellent apprentice. You clearly have talent.”
“Thank you, o… Salim.”
“When are you ready to begin your apprenticeship?”
I forced a bigger smile on my face to cover my nervousness. “Right away.”
Salim smiled back. “Excellent! I’ll deal with the paperwork today and you can start tomorrow. Please be here at ten in the morning.”
“I will. Thank you for this opportunity.”
“Thank you for accepting my offer, my new apprentice. I look forward to training you.”

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