[Sept20] Tribble Month 2: Inky Travelers

Prompt: Sunrise

By sunrise, Ria and I had gotten a decent amount of ink for her to use. I did have ink on my face but luckily none in my eyes — not that it eased reliving my childhood trauma — so it was safe to say that it had gone fine.
“Well, that should do it for a while. We might have to come back to get some more, depending on what the sewer says.” Ria put the last bottles into her bag. “Do you feel like walking or do you want to get some sleep first?”
The prospect of sleep did sound tempting, but I knew I’d prefer sleeping without any ink on. I put a smirk on my face to ease my companion’s worries. “Let’s go. I can sleep once we reach the town.”
Ria smiled back. “I saw a trail nearby. Follow me.”

I followed her, once again wondering how I’d learned to trust a fallen angel.

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