FFM 2020 10: Black Dye

No prompts used. Personal challenge continues.

I looked at Ria as she sorted the feathers she had gathered from the avian beast after we — more like she, as she had killed it while I’d been unconscious — had felled recently. She hadn’t explained how she would exactly use them for her clothing. It also seemed that the clothes which had gotten damaged were the ones in her ultimate form, the form I’d seen only once.

The memories of the damage she had done in that form made me shudder. If she ever decided to cross me in it, I was as good as dead.

“Okay, I think I’ve sorted through these,” Ria suddenly shook me out of my thoughts. “It’s only an aesthetic thing, but I want to dye these black before using them.”
“I didn’t take you for someone who was good at textile work in addition to music,” I remarked.
Ria shrugged. “I’m not, aside from the most basic skills that every angel is taught to ease survival in case of an emergency. I’m hoping that we’ll find someone who is better than me in the next town. If not, I’ll have to rely on my magic.”
“Okay. What do you need for dyeing?” I asked.
“Inklings,” Ria told. “I could use something else as well, but since you’re still recovering and I’d rather not fight before I’ve got everything fixed, it might be better to try and catch them at night rather than go look for and kill any monsters that could do.”
I didn’t like the sound of that. “What about normal dye?”
“Whatever we could afford isn’t going to last, especially not on feathers like these and in heavy magic use. Plus, while I know little about plant-based dyeing, I’m positive there aren’t any usable plants around here. Even if there were, there probably wouldn’t be enough for my needs.”
Huh. That’s too bad. “Very well. In that case, we’ll hunt inklings.”
Ria smiled. “Thank you.”

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