Currently on art: After FFM 2020, Behind Armada on hiatus

FFM 2020 is behind us already. Even though my decision to post only on WordPress cut the number of comments I received drastically, I still had a good time and got some fantastic learning experiences, as I focused on writing the best stories I could. In the end, the results weren't as great as I'd hoped, but I overall created stories I am proud of and which I'll be happy to publish in a collection. I definitely did better than last year both wordcount- and quality-wise!

FFM 2020 28: Awkward Stranger

Raiyo did his best to ignore the shaking of his hands and the uncomfortable feeling of sweat soaking his clothes. If he squeezed his hands together to keep them from shaking and ignored the rest of the issues, perhaps he could make it through his first meeting with the whole department without embarrassing himself.

FFM 2020 23: Deadly Discovery

The book, titled Discordance, is badly damaged — torn, dripping wet and charred — but you open it to read it anyway. You need to know what your lover was hiding, what possibly could have made them fight like a banshee for keeping it a secret when they had told there were no secrets between them ever, what even is going on here anymore.