FFM 2020 23: Deadly Discovery

Warning: Gore

Honestly, I’m disgusted with that book myself. Everything outside it is very vague (horror rather than gory), but the book’s contents are disgusting and gory. Read at your own risk.

No prompt used.

Challenge: The story must embrace one of the 5 elements of Discordianism (or combine them) and use the Modernist steam of consciousness style of writing (“not inner monologue, but rather the expression of the natural, rambling fluidity of the narrator’s thoughts”). Optional: The wordcount must be a multiple of 14.

I’m going to be honest. I noticed the “one of” part only when I started to write the challenge requirements here near 9PM, after having used all elements in my story. Although, since combinations are ok, this one’s fine since this is a combination of all (lol). As for the elements, I decided to go for their numeric aspects. The wordcount, being 343, is a multiple of 14 (31*14=343).

The book, titled Discordance, is badly damaged — torn, dripping wet and charred — but you open it to read it anyway. You need to know what your lover was hiding, what possibly could have made them fight like a banshee for keeping it a secret when they had told there were no secrets between them ever, what even is going on here anymore.

Step 1: Pick your weapons, the most trusted weapons that you can use the best, the weapons that you know you can handle under stress and carry until the end, no matter what haōœ

ep 4: Once yuŧr hÞſơ that your target is dead, prepare a bowl, a big bowl. Cut main arteries — see image gallery 4 at the back, the one with the bodies and blood — over the bowl and let it fill with the blood while the dead is still fresh and dripping and fantastically delicious.

Step 7: The blood should now have become sticky, yet deliciously crimson like the roses of ΏǐǽΞΦέ, ωςθέÞ

9.33: Now, fill it with sugar, rose petals and the dead’s heart and let them all sink in, get fully immersed and swell with blood before you step in

p 11: When you wake up under the full moon, let its light engulf you, pierce you, fill you like no light has ever done. Let the powers that be in, become one with them, let them become one with you, like nothing ever has been in your life and let the transformation begin.

A piercing pain between your shoulder blades makes you gasp when you get pushed to the floor, then turned around so that you can see that your lover has recovered far sooner than you expected, that they had taken the opportunity to strike you while you were busy being disgusted and partly enthralled by the horrific writings on the surviving pages of the book.

“I’m sorry, love, but this is how it has to be, how it has to end now that you know my secret,” your lover says and starts to turn into something different, something horrific that you cannot identify.

You scream, you scream with hopes that it would save you, but it is too late, far too late. You stand up and try to run while the transformation is ongoing, hoping that you could somehow cover enough distance to get help, get cover, just get away, but it is too late. Your lover catches up, you fall down to the ground, pain goes up tenfold, starting from your waist and your world goes black as you scream your last breath.

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