FFM 2020 8: Gathering Feathers

Warning: Gore

I kept the gory descriptions as vague as possible but I feel that this warrants a warning anyway.

No prompt used, so I resumed my challenge of writing in currently existing worlds.

When he sat up after regaining consciousness, Unar stared at the destruction around himself. Then he had to lean over to his side to throw up when the smell registered in his brains. The avian beast he and Ria had been fighting against — and which had knocked him out — was in multiple large pieces, scattered around him.

Whatever had happened, it had not been pretty. When Unar believed that he could speak up, he called out, “Ria?”

No answer. “Ria?!”

Still no answer. “Anyone?!”


Unar shook from dehydration, but he stood up anyway. He had to find Ria — or whatever was left of her. A quick look around showed that the beast had most likely exploded either from the inside or from the skin in the middle of its torso.

Unar doubled over and gagged, but there was nothing for him to vomit anymore.

One of the separated wings ruffled. Unar turned to look at it, the Harmony Blade shaking in his shaking hand.

Ria surfaced from under it, dirtied but seemingly uninjured.
“Ria?” Unar gasped.
“You ok?” Ria shouted.
“I… I guess,” Unar answered. He started to take shaky steps towards the fallen angel, trying not to slip. Ria flew to meet him with giant feathers in her hands.
“You don’t look ok,” she noted. “Here, take these. I’ll get you something to drink.”

Once she was free of the feathers, she flew off, leaving Unar standing with feathers in his hands. She returned with a flask and gave it to him while taking the feathers back. “Here, drink this.”
“Thank you,” Unar croaked and opened the flask to drink from it. The water was freezing, yet a blessing to his dehydrated body. “Why are you gathering feathers?”
“My clothes got a lot of damage during the fight, so I’m looking to fix and upgrade them. These feathers will do perfectly,” Ria explained. “Sit down on a dry spot. I’ll handle this.”

A dry spot was the easiest to find outside of the circle the beast’s remains created. Unar sat down on the grass and watched as his companion plucked feathers like a professional, checking and packing them up. He had no idea what she would actually do with them, but at that moment he did not care. He was merely grateful that he was still alive.

There was still hope for him to master the Harmony Blade and save his home village.

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