Prose-ject 2020 14: Gratefully Prosperous

The prompt used: the warm thrill of prosperity.

Friat looked at the city around the castle from one of the castle balconies. The city was peaceful, yet each time she looked at it, she reminded herself that she had been fortunate to become an apprentice to one of the court sorcerers, Ezidretim. She still remembered the first months at the castle, learning to know its layout, staff and even the royal family; the warm thrill of prosperity was impossible to forget.

As she had grown up — and as part of her training — she had learned to be grateful for her good fortune. Ezidretim had instilled his daily gratitude ritual in her during the years, like his mentor had done to him when he had been an apprentice. Friat was planning to continue the tradition when she would take on an apprentice herself, whoever it would end up being. A part of her wished that the apprentice would be someone from the less affluent areas of the city like her so that they, too, could better help the poor with their sorceries.

That time was still far away, though. Friat was still young and the crown prince, hardly an adult to begin with yet, had yet to take the throne after his father. Heck, the prince did not even have anyone to marry yet! Not that she could blame him; the guards shadowed him everywhere outside of the castle grounds, so it was close to an impossibility to become friends, let alone lovers, with someone outside of the castle and the people in the castle were like family to him, too close to be married.

Friat smiled to herself. If the prince found someone for himself, she would have to go and look for an apprentice whose heart burned with fire just like hers, lest she wish to be second to him.

Before that, however, she still had learning trips to the Dragon Peaks to make with Ezidretim and a final sorcery exam to pass once Ezidretim would deem her ready.

She could hardly wait to see the mother dragons again.

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