Prose-ject 2020 12: Escape Preparation

The prompt used: escaping the scene.

Anxious, Sash looked over his shoulder as Edicia told the rest of the group about the specter which had attacked her. While the others tried to cut her off with questions, she cut them off with an authoritative voice they had never heard from the young woman.
“They always come in groups. The one that attacked me was a scout that got cocky. It’s going to give our position to the rest as soon as it reaches them, and by the time they get here, we have to be far away,” Edicia explained. “I’m sorry, but we have to pack our things immediately and run.”
“Are you sure about this?” Lasiaku asked, confused. He had had a bad feeling about things lately, but this seemed worse than he had expected.
“Absolutely sure,” Edicia answered, her face solemn but certain.
Lasiaku nodded, still confused by the sudden incident. Nevertheless, he decided to trust the girl. “Very well. Everyone, pack your stuff! We’re leaving right away!”

As everyone scattered, he turned to Edicia once more. “Any chance you know a safe haven from those things?”
“We’d have to go over the kingdom border to escape them for good,” Edicia told.
“That’s further than I hoped.” Lasiaku scratched his chin. “Well, let’s head there. If they won’t cross the border, we can regroup at the bordering city and figure out our next move. You have a lot to explain once we get there, though. Everyone wants answers.”
“I know,” Edicia said. “Whatever questions you have, I will answer them there.”
“Good.” Lasiaku nodded. “Let’s go then.”

The two joined their fellows at packing, each of them pulling their weight. The sooner they escaped the scene, the better chances they had to outrun the specters.

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