Statistical retrospect: WindySilver’s 2019

We’ve spent half of the first January of this new decade already and after two and a half weeks of procrastinating, I figured I should do this now before the last full week of January begins: a retrospect with statistics, even neater than my already neatened approach on the statistics on DA (you can read it and more of my ramblings on 2019, the decade of 2010 and my thoughts for the future here).

First of all, what I managed to get done in Q4 2019 and how it related to Q3 2019:

Q4 2019 stats
Q4 2019
Comparison between Q3 and Q4 2019
Q3 2019 to Q4 2019

Like you can see, it had its ups and downs. More downs than ups, but still ups too.

Now that I’ve made my first yearly statistic infograph, I must say that doing this statistics stuff has been both fun and interesting. Had I not done it, I wouldn’t know how much I actually wrote (I gotta say, the number surprised me as well).

2019 total stats
2019 in total

I don’t expect the number to be this high since I’ve got less writing projects now: first, I finished Lyokostar 2 during the year and now I’ve scrapped Winx: The Path of Mysteries as well. Not that the latter, as it was constantly on hiatus, matters, but it’s off the list now. Although I’ll definitely cover Lyokostar 2‘s wordcount with Greenfield‘s 100-words-a-day pace in the first half of the year, I’m expecting lower daily wordcounts on other stories especially since Behind Armada is reaching its end, at which the Armada-Energon trilogy will be put on indefinite hiatus and thus lower the total wordcount. We’ll see what happens, though; perhaps I get inspiration spurts on other stories so that I surpass this.

I’m not entirely sure if I take part in Prose-ject 2020 (given that it’s held) but if I don’t, it’ll be hard to reach 2019’s total wordcount since Prose-ject 2019 accounted for 24383 words out of the 221795,5 words written (11%).

Like I said, we’ll see what happens.

I wish you all a fantastic year and decade 2020! Take care!

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