Greenfield going on hiatus

I’m writing an overall art update with this case discussed on DeviantArt at the oment, but I figured that since I have my Greenfield data here, I’ll post here first: I’m done with writing the core of the first Greenfield novel now, but since I am still lacking around 15000 words from the target, I revisited the first chapters (since they make the majority of the chapters that require lengthening) and figured that I can’t deal with them now.

I’m not entirely sure whether it’s just because the chapters are crap or because they’re at least kind of crap and I’m tired, but I just can’t deal with them right now. Therefore, I’m putting the project on hiatus until my courses (the main cause of my fatigue) let up, which is probably somewhere around May or June. When I resume working on Greenfield, I will begin to edit the book, adding the needed words as I go.

That’s all for now. If you want to read more of my ramblings, be sure to check my newest Currently on art journal when I post it!

Have a great day!

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