Course 1, Diary 12: Design a vehicle Part 2


On Thursday I returned to strengthening the lines with my pen. That pen I used is actually one that I’ve had ever since I began school from the first grade (I skipped preschool since it was optional back then) and it has been used for signing all the tests and all the school papers which required a parent’s signature. Of course there is a pen that has partially replaced it (somehow it usually is easier to find from my pencil-case), but I still have it and it works well. So that pen is nine years old now. A good pen, isn’t it?

This is how far I got on Thursday:

WIP 2 - Lineart

A hasty picture, yes. I believe I was in a hurry and just took a picture without trying to get a more straight picture of this…

I finished the bicycle and started to strengthen the text. I finished it on Friday with the very final modifications, so I could start to color the picture. The upcoming test week is putting pressure on me – I’m chalking it up to that! – I ended up forgetting to take a picture of the final lines. I guess I was too busy erasing all the pencil marks I found to recall it. As coloring was still in progress, I did not take a picture of it.

Fine, I’m honest: The thought of taking a picture of it did not even cross my mind, and even if it did, it was about taking a picture of the finished picture. What can I say? The test week is putting pressure on me and even though it’s only about 5 PM/17.00 by the time of writing this entry, I feel notably tired. Adjusting the clock one hour backward last weekend has completely messed my biological clock up, and I am not the only one with that issue. I understand that this Daylight saving time system saves daylight, but I believe that at least nowadays it most likely causes more trouble than benefits. Luckily it’s a weekend now so I can study for the test week during forenoon when I am not feeling this tired.

I have nothing more to say today.

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