FFM 2022 21: Alien Abyss

Challenge: Roll a die to choose the protagonist, prominently featured item and setting from lists of 6. Optionally, you can roll a die to get an extra challenge from a list of 6. Optionally, you can roll a die twice for each category and use the 8 results.

My protagonists are a truck driver and an alien, my items are an ashtray and a banana, the settings are the abyss and the last place I drove to in a car (a cottage being it) and my extra challenges are that I must omit 5 letters (my choices were j, q, v, x and z) and that I must write in 1st person.

At long last, my truck halted to a stop at the end of the road. The cottage loomed ahead. Finally, some real peace for my mind. Partner’s ashtray on the bench is still there, as it should be.

I should probably get rid of it. Thinking of her hurts far too much.

Maybe later, once some peace has appeared in the near silence surrounding me… if I still felt like doing it then.

I only barely remember dropping onto the cold bed and falling asleep. All I remember is looking at that damn ashtray far too much.

I am me. I am the unending darkness around me. I am the strange, almost alien tentacles surrounding me, coming from me. I am the banana in my hands no, my tentacles… no, my tentacle hands… no, my… my… my

There is a banana in the ashtray now. I scream, hop into my truck and back up, away from the cottage.

Then the ashtray and the banana and the tentacles are in my cab and all I can do is scre-


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