FFM 2022 10: Blown Expectations

No prompts used. This is set in the Of Dragons, Magic and Love world.

Having only seen that of her fairly modest grandmother, Kelly had not known what exactly to expect from the den of the overseer of magic. Something flashier perhaps, maybe elegant furnishing and colors, probably clear organization.

It turned out that the last expectation on the list — the most obvious one — was actually as she expected; Salim’s den was organized as logically as a magician’s den could be organized. The rest of it, however, surprised her; aside from the deliberate organization, the place was homely like a hut hidden in the middle of a forest. Most of the color in the room came from furniture and the items Salim needed for his work while the walls, floor and ceiling were unpainted wood. A magic fire burning in the fireplace cast a warm glow of its own into the room.

Kelly was brought back to the present moment from admiring the den by Salim’s soft laughter. “I see you, too, had preconceptions of what this place would look like.”
“I-I’m sorry, I-“
“There is no need to apologize, my new apprentice. Seeing expectations be blown away like this is something I take a lot of joy in, especially since many magicians in high positions like to make their dens fancy rather than particularly comfortable to spend time in.”
“I see.”
“When you’re done with admiring this place, I’ll show you what belongs where.”
“Alright. Thank you.”


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