[Sept21] Tribble Month 29: A Trusty Dictionary

Challenge: Write a 369er and use at least one of these in each section: shoe box, tea cup, goldfish, magic wand, paint, dictionary, treadmill, bouncy house, wrench, peanut.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 28: In the Dark.

I looked at my dictionary to find some words I could use to make myself clearer. I had to get this confession right, and getting it right meant carefully preparing it with my trusty dictionary in hand. Even if it was at night when everyone else was sleeping and the only light I had came from the crescent moon.

I had to get it right, somehow. I had to.

I sighed as I set my dictionary aside. It had served me well during the years of learning the crew’s lingua franca and, perhaps even more importantly, it had served me well as a weapon even after dropping it and throwing it at intruders and other threats had blunted its corners. It was heavier than my heart still.

I had to get the confession right. Tymon had to understand.

I hadn’t expected to need my dictionary after hearing about our next job; I thought that those days were already long-gone and checking words was more about paranoia making me make sure that I did understand correctly — I almost always did — than genuinely not understanding.

When I understood that we were heading near my home, I froze. Suddenly, we were going back there.

Shit. I was going back there.

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