[Sept21] Tribble Month 27: Life Advice

Theme: The Tropiest of Tropes.

Optional prompt: The very personification of “hold my beer.” by Mxtress.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 26: Art Supplies.

“And this guy, the very personification of ‘hold my beer’ as he was, handed his beer to me and made the bungee jump like it was nothing.” I rolled my eyes.

“Must’ve been a cool guy to hang out with.” Tymon scratched his chin. “Maybe I should do that too.”

“No!” Bolotseseg said. “Please don’t, Tymon. You could get badly hurt.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it either, even for an immortal,” I remarked as Kuro grumbled next to me. “The guy was absolutely infuriating, latching onto every single challenge he came across. It was fun to dare him to do stupid stuff at first, but it got old. I suggest you don’t annoy your friends with that.”

“Huh. Makes sense.” Tymon nodded. “Thanks, Kanan.”

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