[Sept21] Tribble Month 19: A House of Shadows

Theme: That’s Not Supposed to be There.

Optional prompt: Your shadow opened its mouth. by Ag-Cat.

This is a continuation to [Sept21] Tribble Month 18: Fantastic Duos.

As the night fell, Myrial led me to what was apparently called a House of Shadows. “Go, get in there.”

I swallowed. “What exactly is this place?”

Myrial’s grin grew toothier. “You’ll see soon enough.”

I probably had no other choice. I stepped over the threshold and cringed when the door slammed shut. A quick look around revealed that the place, despite of being lit by completely immobile, stable lights, was full of restless shadows.

I looked at my own shadow. It opened its mouth and pulled something long and gross out of it. I swallowed again and figured it was for the best to look for the exit and try to ignore the shadows that should not have been there yet were there and were closing in on me which I do not like thank you very much this is not what I wanted-


Lyra, I’m so sorry.

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