[Sept21] Tribble Month 10: Effects of a Delivery

Theme: Magical Mishaps.

Optional prompt: A cursed tarot deck where each card drawn triggers a magical phenomenon related to the card by The-Livewriter.

This is a follow-up to [Sept21] Tribble Month 2021 9: Duplicates.

“Uh, Myrial? Do you have a moment?”
I looked up from my photo collection to see Tymon at my door. “Sure, come on in. And close the door before bugs get in.”
Tymon did as I told and hovered near my table.
“Well? Spit it out.”
“You remember that tarot deck we handled in a shipment the year before last year?”
“The one that used a spell related to the drawn card automatically?”
“Yeah, that one.”
“Definitely. I mean, that’s why Phala still has those scars. The wounds from Seven of Swords never healed.”
Tymon grimaced. “Yeah…”
I frowned. “What about it? Do we have another cursed thing to be delivered?”
“No! It’s… it’s just… I… I drew The Sun out of it when no one could see. I was wondering if it had imprinted on me on pickup and simply lashed out on Phala because of that and when it didn’t give me any ill effects upon drawing a card, I figured that was probably the case.”
“So that’s why you were so insistent on handling it.”
“Partially. That gig was my idea, after all, so I felt responsible.”
I reminisced the meaning of The Sun. “Do you think that may be why you’re now immortal?”
“It’s the number one theory I have. I mean… I’m fairly certain I wasn’t born with it.”
“Well, vitality is a common association with it, so I suppose it could have done that…” I sought out the photo of the damn deck. “Do you want to go meet the magician who uses the deck?”
“They might be able to shed some light on whether or not my current… state was caused by it.”
“Then we’ll set course to Livergreen.”
“Thank you, Myrial.”

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