[Sept21] Tribble Month 1: Dead on the Boat

It’s Tribble Month once again (which I definitely didn’t forget to mention about in the latest Currently on art update)! Like last year, I’m taking part in it, although this time around I’m challenging myself to using all themes and optional prompts in addition to taking part in the challenges.

Challenge: Someone or something must return from death. The story must also involve water.

Air filled my lungs when it should not have. My hands went to my stomach despite the paralyzed left arm. The dagger Ingolf had stuck in me was still there. The blood around it was dry and caked on my skin and the few clothes I still had on me.

The few clothes… The fucker stole my vest!

I could smell the sea, feel the waves rock the boat I was on. I was certain that I had died… but even if I had not, I would die soon enough either out of starvation or dehydration, if not dagger-caused injuries.

Moving hurt too much anyway, so I lay still and let the waves take my boat wherever they would. If someone comes to my rescue, then good. If not… I was dead already anyway. I think.

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