FFM 2021 29: Yeah-man

Challenge: The main character must be considered a superhero or supervillain (with actual superpowers and not power from tech suits) and an unconventional form of transportation must appear somewhere in the story. As a bonus element, add an apathetic side-kick.

I decided to make an all-dialogue story (I believe mentioning a toucan-pulled balloon does qualify for an unconventional transport appearing), and by accident this ended up getting so near drabble length that I made this into a drabble.

“And the toucans that escaped my Toucan Balloon’s reins must be found and brought back or replaced! I need my toucan-pulled transport!”
“And I need more Tu crystals. Our last fight with that blasted Je-Person drained my powers — I can’t do even an Ice Ball anymore!”
“…Are you quite all right, Sides? You’re… even more untalkative than usual today.”
“Yeah, I’m fine…”
“…Very well. You know, if you ever need to talk about anything — workload, other concerns, the fate of the universe — you can talk to me, right?”
“…Good. So, back to getting Tu crystals then…”

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