FFM 2021 7: Next Up in Hologram Gossip

No prompts used.

The emperor penguins — actual emperor penguins and not holograms — were huddled around the zoologists as they made sure every single one of them was healthy. Most of them stood or knelt, but Elsie was sitting cross-legged on the artificial snow. Her pet holograms were chatting with the emperor penguins around her while she checked her share of the animals.

Once she was done and the penguins — physical and holographical alike — were still huddling around her, she sighed, “Xe’s pretty, you know.”
There was chattering and giggling among the holograms. Someone called out, Elsie’s got a cru-ush!
Elsie made a face at the holograms, unable to discern which one it had been. No, I don’t!
Elsie’s got a crush!
another voice — one that she did manage to recognize — called out in her headspace.
Not helping, Anouk! Drop it, all of you!

The holograms did drop the subject, but Elsie knew from the continuing giggling and chattering that she was not going to live this down just yet.

2 thoughts on “FFM 2021 7: Next Up in Hologram Gossip

  1. Oh Elsie, why did you have to drop that RIGHT into the penguins XD I love how the penguins have been so pivotal to the stories from this world.

    Liked by 1 person

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