[Sept20] Tribble Month 20: Possessed Armor

No prompt used.

The armor looked rusty and inanimate but it somehow spoke to Bereth.
“It’s possessed,” his mentor told. “You shouldn’t touch it. It’s eaten more than its fair share of seasoned magicians.”
“Why is it here?” Bereth asked.
“Because some dummy thought that it belongs into a museum even though it should be sealed away until the world produces an exorcist strong enough to turn it into mere armor.”
“You’d be surprised how many museum-goers have been eaten by this thing here during the time it’s been here.”
“Actually, probably not after the rocket crab case.”
“Good. That’s a vital step to becoming a magician who might get less than average stupid bystanders killed.”
“Are there statistics for that?!”
“There are.”

The fact that there were such statistics spoke a lot about those bystanders.

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