FFM 2020 21: Killer in The Team

No prompt used.

Challenge: Write about something taboo, make it fun and include something goth.

My choices were: killing other people (who trust you), Tallon is having fun contemplating it and the ritual dagger.

Tallon chuckled. The one person in his team he was not supposed to kill lay in front of him, bloodied, unmoving and eyes glazed. It was ironic that someone else — his first planned target, Crayton — had done it for him, giving him a reason to start the killing spree.

It was a pity that Drue would not get to see Tallon slaughter his friends like initially planned, but the plan had to proceed.

Tallon clutched his stolen ritual dagger and went to join the rest of the group in lynching Crayton, a wicked smile on his face.

It was finally time to be the last man standing.

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