FFM 2020 19: Anime Marathon

No prompt used. However, I decided to write another story with Raiyo and Levi, this time concentrating on them acknowledging references to Death Note in themselves. This is set before their previous story, Hiding in the Office.

Raiyo laughed as Levi crouched on his chair, balancing his cake platter on his knees. Levi gave him a mock-glare in response. However, his eyes glimmered with amusement.
“You ready for the next episode?” Raiyo asked as he opened a new bag of potato chips.
“Yup. I want to see how Light tries to get himself out of that mess,” Levi answered, his glare already gone.
“Me too. Although, before we start, I’ll take a potato chip,” Raiyo made direct eye contact as he lifted a chip from the bag, “and eat it!” He crunched the chip as loudly as he could, sending some bits falling into his lap.
Levi snorted and pressed “play” on the remote. “At least Warren isn’t much like Watari. That hopefully proves that we’re not living in the middle of some iteration of Death Note.”
Raiyo chuckled at the thought. “It would be funny if we were.”
“I’d hate to be L if I had to be crouching nonstop for long periods of time,” Levi remarked as he shifted to sit cross-legged instead of crouching.
“I’m sure you’d get used to it. You already have the sweet tooth to match the role, after all.” Raiyo smirked.
“Well,” Levi mused as he prepared his retaliation, “I also wouldn’t want to get killed by you, my only friend, Light-kun.”

The two men chuckled as they stopped their conversation as the opening ended. The noted similarities — which kept on accumulating as their Death Note marathon continued — between the two of them and Light and L had become a staple for their private jokes.

Neither of them was planning to try tennis, though. They were both more comfortable without having balls flying at their direction at high speed; there was a bunch of other things about the two characters for them to imitate, after all.

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