FFM 2020 3: Allana’s Secret

No prompt used. Therefore, I worked on a world seen only once before (during FFM 2015).

If Allana ever told anyone that the whole thing with mysterious marble dude began with one of the marbles she carried with herself dropping when she was tying a knocked out burglar, she would have been laughed at.

Well, if she had ever told anyone that she had been doing counter-criminal things from the age of fourteen, she would have been laughed at as well.

That was the best part, though. No one would, let alone could, ever suspect her of being the mysterious marble dude even if they somehow realized that the dude was actually a dudette.

Therefore, she felt serene when she left outside to “browse the mall” but donned her mask when she was far enough and dashed to reach this week’s target: a group of teens who have made mistake of making mugging old people their hobby.

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